Wedding DJ Perth

Here at Castlerock, we do things differently. We have Perth's biggest selection of P.A systems and lighting. From small, conservative, setups, to massive full concert sized lighting shows and P.A systems. We have an extensive library of songs suited for all occasions, and all the elements of a wedding. We've got songs for your entrance and departure, songs for your bridal waltz, throwing of the bouquet, removal of the garter, and of course, songs to kick the party into overdrive! We also have solo performers who can perform a number of songs in a number of different styles. Whether it's relaxing background music for while your eating dinner, or the song for your first dance as man and wife, our solo performers help to add the wow factor to your wedding. Our DJ's and MC's have a number of years experience in the entertainment industry, and will arrive to your wedding on time, dressed sharp, and work with an exceptional level of professionalism. We can also organise and coordinate number of interactive games, such as singstar karaoke, dance dance revolution, limbo, etc. Castlerock also has professional filming and photography facilities to shoot your entire reception complimentary. So if you want a wedding that you and your friends will never forget, call Castlerock today on 9529 2021 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  


Massive range of Wedding Songs

Our Wedding DJ's are the best in Perth, and WA. We can supply your own personal selection of wedding songs to set the mood on your special day and can cater for all your sound needs. We don't just supply you with music, we can supply you with a P.A and microphone for the ceremony and wedding reception, music to walk down the aisle to, background music to recite you wedding vows for meals, speeches, the cutting of the wedding cake, the first waltz, etc.

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Perth's Biggest Selection of P.A. Systems and Lighting

We offer a number of different sized setups and additional extras all at competitive prices. We also have a large range of professional audio equipment, much larger than that of our competitors as we have organized and operated massive stage stage productions all over Australia. We also have an enormous amount of stage lighting, effects lights, smoke machines, etc. to set the perfect atmosphere to your party. Do you want a plasma screen to display photos and movies? we can do it! Do you want 3 plasma screens? We'll do it! We take pride in making your event the most unique and exciting event we can. You name it, we've got it, and if we don't, we'll get it.

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Perth's Most Professional DJ's and MC's


Our Wedding DJ's come dressed sharp and professionally to your wedding and can dress accordingly to suit any colour or theme. Whether it's the colour of your wedding dress or suit, or wedding accessories, or maybe your having a fancy dress wedding, we can dress to suit whatever you want on your special day.

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Want the Most Unique Wedding in Perth?

Do you want a unique wedding that'll leave your wedding guests in awe? Then try our fun interactive games like Singstar Karaoke, Guitar Hero, and Dance Dance Revolution. These games are HEAPS of fun and have been a huge hit at other weddings where we've performed. We can also setup a number of plasma screen TV's to show photos, videos, or film live so you can see yourself on the big screen.

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Do you have kids coming to the wedding? If so, we can organise a small setup away from the main area of the reception. This setup contains:

  • 1 small P.A. system
  • 1 plasma TV screen
  • Various stage and effects lights
  • Playstation with Singstar, Guitar Hero & Dance Dance Revolution
  • 2x stainless steel Dance Dance Revolution dance pads

Your kids will be supervised by a staff member with a 'Working With Children Check,' to help coordinate competitions, and make sure that all children get a fair go on all the games. This way, you know that your children, and the children of your friends and family, are safe and fully entertained, giving you more time to relax and have a great night


Want a Wedding Singer or a Band?

Having run and operated our own nightclub for three years we have contacts with every band in perth. So if you want a band to play at your wedding, whether it's a cover band or an original band, or you want a professional wedding singer we can help find the right performer for your wedding, and supply all the production, lighting, and backline needed for their performance.

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Professional Photo and Film Facilities

We also have all the facilities to photo shoot and film your event. We'll always throw in a little extra for your money, so we can photo shoot our setups for promotional purposes, as well as take plenty of photos of everybody at the event, and give you a complimentary copy of all the photos taken on the night. We can also record the entire night on film. Whether you just want to see yourself or your MC on the screen, or you want a fully edited movie made in our in-house editing suite, we can do it all!!!

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All in all, Castlerock can make the day you get married a day you will never forget, and make your party guests envious of how fun and unforgettable your wedding day will be. So if you want your wedding to be talked about for years to come, call Castlerock today on 9529 2021 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We also have our very own Tzudy Weir. A world class singer and performer, who can provide your wedding with a number of songs done as a solo performance or with a backing band. Tzudy has been classically trained in music and singing since the age of 8, has over 60 exam credits and awards to her name in a number of instruments, and has been performing in bands since the age of 11.

She has performed as a working musician all around the world performing in every different musical style. From big band and jazz performances on luxury cruise ships, to heavy metal and punk bands to crowds of 20,000 at Bindoon festival. She has also made numerous TV appearances, doing 6 performances fronting a band and other various performaces in a jazz duet singing and playing guitar on Channel 10's kids company, performed numerous times on telethon, and done performances for many breakfast TV shows around Australia. She entered in the Australian Idol 'My Mum Rocks' competition and came 1st for Western Australia and then traveled to Sydney and came runner-up in the national final.

Apart from the vast catalogue of songs Tzudy already knows and performs, you can request songs to be performed prior to the event. So if you're looking for a live performer for your wedding, then look no further, because Tzudy Weir can set the perfect atmosphere for your special day with her outstanding voice and instrumental skills.

 When it comes to weddings, Castlerock has everything you need to make it the perfect. If you want it, we've got, and if we don't, we'll get it!! 

*PLEASE NOTE: Extra costs will occur if having to load in equipment upstairs, using lifts, or any ares that are difficult to get equipment through.*

NOTE: Wedding packages are for 5 hours with setup time starting from 2-3 hours prior to commencement of the even, depending on size of setup required. Any additional time such as extra entertainment at the end of the night or earlier setup times will incur an additional fee of $200 per hour, or a price negotiated with Castlerock.