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Here at Castlerock, we know how important a good, strong vocal is to the success of any song. Our engineers have the skills and knowledge to tune your vocals to pitch perfection, while still retaining the natural tonal qualities of your voice. We can also make multi layered harmonies sound perfectly in tune with each other. We can even fix that bend in your guitar solo that was a little flat, or correct any wrong notes in a single note line on any instrument. 

Do you need drum tracks edited? Or maybe you need an extra chorus added to the end of your song, or you want one taken away? Maybe your backing singer's timing isn't as good as the lead vocalists? Whatever editing or quantizing you need, Castlerock can handle it. Our engineers have years of experience working with musicians of all different ages and skill levels, and to this day have never had anyone short of amazed at what we can do. With Castlerock, perfection is only a few mouse clicks away.

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