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At Castlerock, our attention-to-detail borders on the obsessive and you will hear it in the final product. Our mxing engineers have years of experience mixing on analogue and digital platforms for a vast range of genres, including pop, rock, metal, country, dance, etc. At Castlerock we have a huge range of analogue and digital outboard gear, as well as a massive range of the latest state-of-the-art plugins for Pro-Tools. Our engineers have great ears and aren't afraid to make your mix exciting. Here at Castlerock, we never just want to play it safe. We're always lookng to add that x-factor that makes your song stand out from the crowd. 

Mastering is where final touches of EQ, compression, etc. are applied to your final mix to make it broadcast ready for radio airplay, TV, record label scouting, etc. Our head mastering engineer has decades of experience in every genre, and will make sure that your tracks sound incredible, whether it's played off of laptop speakers or a serious speaker system.

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