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Castlerock offers a consultation service to get you and your music to the next level. We offer one-on-one consulting for 60 min increments either in person based in our Rockingham WA office, or over the phone. We find that a lot of areas can be covered within that time. You can ask us questions about topics specifically geared towards your project or goals. You will receive all the necessary tools and guidance to get your career to the next level in areas such as, recording, songwriting, social media, grants, branding, image, booking agents, labels, touring, showcasing, radio, publicists, and much more.

We will also review a list of things that you should be doing on your end to get yourself to the next level now that we have provided you with the knowledge and tools to get up and running. This is your chance to get personalized advice for your music, your project, and your dream. You can ask any questions you’d like about any stage of your career and we’ll give you straightforward advice, ideas you can use right away, and answers based off of years of experience and natural know-how. We are able to assist not only artists, but also any aspiring industry professionals including songwriters, who are looking to gain more knowledge about their roll or future goals within the industry.