Below are some testimonials, letters, references, etc. illustrating some of the great things we do for people here at Castlerock.

Letter from Jacinta Matrenza thanking Castlerock for all their guidance and support for her son Nathan whilst studying Certificate II, III & IV in Technical Production at Castlerock. 

Good morning, Everyone!
I thought you might like to hear some good news today. Nathan’s application into the Bachelor of Audio Production at SAE (School of Audio Production, Bennett St, East Perth) has been approved and he has been offered a position in the course, beginning 9 February, 2015. The course is two years intensive study. It comprises of three full days of lectures plus 2 days prac time in the studios. Nathan’s new class will comprise of only six students (including himself). So to be offered a position at this tertiary institution is indeed an achievement.
Nathan is also eligible to make an application for a scholarship which would cover all his tuition fees. (Fingers crossed! )

To say that Nathan is excited is an understatement. He’s still on ‘cloud 9’ and can’t wait to ‘get cracking’.
In the meantime, he’s completing his Cert IV music studies at Castlerock-Rockingham.
None of this would be possible without the guidance and support he received from all of you. Thank you so very much for everything that you’ve done for Nathan. His life has been truly blessed because you were a part of it.
Wishing you all the very best for the remainder of the school year.
Kind regards,
Jacinta Matrenza




Letter from Karen O'Donnell, Chairperson of the Relay for Life Rockingham - Kwinana thanking Castlerock for their services and support for the 2014 Relay for Life Festival.


Letter from Simon Walters, Chairman of the 'Gigs4Kids' non for profit organisation, regarding the 'Serpentine Jarrahdale Community Fair Battle of the Bands Competition.'
  Hi Tzudy and Paul,
Firstly I just want to say thanks for rustling up the acts for Saturday, the event went really well.  I’d also like to say a special thanks to Rob for judging the event, but also for helping out by MCing for us as the original planned MC hadn’t been booked.  He did a great job of and plugging Castlerock. 
Paige did a great opener, which took the pressure off the other performers and really displayed again how talented the castlerock staff are. 
Personally I’d also like to thank you for supporting Hayden to fill in for House of the Spider Monkeys, he did a great job for someone who had only played with them in the morning. 
I’ve got some feedback from the judges for each of the performers that you can use to feedback to them if you want – the judges were Rob, Paige (as gigs4kids rep), India (young persons rep) and Matthew (rep for S&J shire) –
Things the Judges liked –
1)      Good variety of song choices
2)      Good consistency of sound
3)      Used the mic well
4)      Played and sung well
5)      Good guitar skills on “taylor”
6)      Displayed good confidence on stage
7)      Unique voice
Things to work on –
1)      Breathing – use voice to the best of your ability
2)      Smile more
3)      For someone who performs so well, get some originals rockin’
4)      Work on developing your ‘smokey’ vocal tones
Kayla –
Things the judges liked –
1)      Hair & image,
2)      Great song choices
3)      Made a great recovery and persevered through the nerves
4)      Lovely voice/sang great
5)      Great job for your first public solo performance
Things to work on –
1)      Don’t let your nerves own you
2)      Make more eye contact with the audience
3)      Learn to play standing up
4)      Make sure you know the song chords well before you play. 
House of the Spider Monkeys (group winners)
Things the judges liked –
1)      Good change up to acoustic to cover the drummer being sick
2)      Pulled off the 3 piece with a good sound especially as it was on the fly
3)      Lead singer moving around the stage/front man skills
4)      Great song choices
5)      Confidence
6)      Great stage presence and audience interaction
7)      Great singing
Things to work on
1)      Dress more like musos and not like everyone else
2)      More back up vocals
3)      Engage the audience more to connect with the people who are listening
Personally I have to say that I can really see the difference over the past months in both Jordan and Kayla’s performances having seen them at a number of Castlerock events, Jordan has come on a lot with confidence on stage and Kayla – Where did that voice come from!!! - she had a great tone and quality that previously must have been covered by her nerves, her singing has come on massively and despite her nerve and forgetting her lines, she soldiered on and won over a lot of people – they are both great examples of how much Castlerock really benefit their students. 
Thanks again for your support.
Simon Walters
Gigs4kids inc. – Chair